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MS Windows: Introduction to MS WindowsFeatures of Windows, Various versions of Windows & its use, Working with Windows- My Computer & Recycle bin, Desktop, Icons and Windows Explorer– Screen description & working styles of Windows, Dialog Boxes & Toolbars, Working with Files & Folders- simple operations like copy, delete, moving of files and folders from one drive to another.

Shortcuts & windows Accessories and Windows Settings using Control Panel- setting common devices using control panel, modem, printers, audio, network, fonts, creating users, internet settings, Start button & Program lists, Installing and Uninstalling new Hardware & Software program on your computer.


Office Packages: Office activates and their software requirements, Word-processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation graphics, Database, introduction and comparison of various office suites like MS-Office, Lotus-Office, Star-Office, Open-Office etc.

MS Word Basics: Introduction to MS Office, Introduction to MS Word, Features & area of use. Working with MS Word, Menus & Commands, Toolbars & Buttons, Shortcut Menus, Wizards & Templates, Creating a New Document, Different Page Views and layouts, Applying various Text Enhancements, Working with -Styles, Text Attributes, Paragraph and Page Formatting, Text Editing using various features- Bullets, Numbering, Auto formatting, Printing & various print options


Advanced Features of MS-Word: Spell Check, Thesaurus, Find & Replace, Headers & Footers, Inserting – Page Numbers, Pictures, Files, Auto texts, Symbols etc., Working with Columns, Tabs & Indents, Creation & Working with Tables including conversion to and from text, Margins & Space management in Document, Adding References and Graphics, Mail Merge, Envelops & Mailing Labels. Importing and exporting to and from various formats.


MS Excel: Introduction and area of use, Working with MS Excel, concepts of Workbook & Worksheets, Using Wizards, Various Data Types, Using different features with Data, Cell and Texts, Inserting, Removing & Resizing of Columns & Rows, Working with Data & Ranges, Different Views of Worksheets, Column Freezing, Labels, Hiding, Splitting etc., Using different features with Data and Text- Use of Formulas, Calculations & Functions, Cell Formatting including Borders & Shading, Working with Different Chart Types, Printing of Workbook & Worksheets with various options.


MS PowerPoint: Introduction & area of use, Working with MS PowerPoint, Creating a New Presentation, Working with Presentation, Using Wizards, Slides & its different views, Inserting, Deleting and Copying of Slides, Working with Notes, Handouts, Columns & Lists, Adding Graphics, Sounds and Movies to a Slide, Working with PowerPoint Objects, Designing & Presentation of a Slide Show, Printing Presentations, Notes, Handouts with print options.

Outlook Express: Features and uses, Configuration and using Outlook Express for accessing e-mails in office.

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