MS Access

Introduction to database – What is a Database
Why use a Relational Database
Concept of primary key relationship
Introduction to MS Access (Objects, Navigation).
Create a Table in MS Access
Data Types
Field PropertiesFields names, types, properties – default values, format, caption
validation rules Data Entry
Add record
delete record and edit text
rearrange column
freeze columns
Edit a Tablescopy, delete, import, modify table structure.
Add a relationship
set a rule for Referential Integrity
change the join type
delete a relationship
save relationship Queries & Filter – difference between queries and filter, filter using multiple fields, Create Query with one table, find record with select query, find duplicate record with query, find unmatched record with query, run query, save and change query.
Introduction to Forms, Types of Basic FormsColumnar, Tabular, Datasheet, Main/Sub- forms. add headers and footers, add fields to form, add text to form use label option button, check box, combo box, list box Forms Wizard, Create Template.
Introduction to Reports
Types of Basic ReportsSingle Column, Tabular Report, Groups/Total, single table report, multi table report, preview report print report, Creating Reports and Labels Wizard.

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