PC Package


MS Windows:
Introduction to MS Windows
Features of Windows
Various versions of Windows & its use
Working with Windows- My Computer & Recycle bin,
Desktop and its Icons
Windows Explorer-Screen description & working styles of Windows
Dialog Boxes & Toolbars
Working with Files & Folders- simple operations like copy, delete, moving of files and folders from one drive to another.
Shortcuts Keys
windows Accessories
Windows Settings using Control Panel- setting common devices using control panel
creating users,
internet settings
Start button & Program lists
Installing and Uninstalling new Hardware & Software program on your computer.


Office Packages:
Office activates and their software requirements
Presentation graphics
introduction and comparison of various office suites like MS-Office, Lotus-Office, Star-Office, Open-Office etc.

MS Word Basics:
Introduction to MS Office,
Introduction to MS Word
& area of use
Working with MS Word
Menus & Commands
Toolbars & Buttons
Shortcut Keys
Wizards & Templates
Creating a New Document
Different Page Views and layouts
Applying various Text Enhancements
Working with -Styles
Text Attributes
Paragraph and Page Formatting
Text Editing using various features- Bullets, Numbering
Auto formatting
Printing & various print options


Advanced Features of MS-Word:
Spell Check
Find & Replace
Headers & Footers
Inserting – Page Numbers
Pictures, Files, Auto texts, Symbols etc
., Working with Columns
Tabs & Indents
Creation & Working with Tables including conversion to and from text
Margins & Space management in Document
Adding References and Graphics
Mail Merge
Envelops & Mailing Labels
Importing and exporting to and from various formats.


MS Excel:
Introduction and area of use, Working with MS Excel,
concepts of Workbook & Worksheets
Using Wizards
Various Data Types
Using different features with Data
Cell and Texts
Inserting, Removing & Resizing of Columns & Rows,
Working with Data & Ranges
Different Views of Worksheets
Column Freezing
Formula Operators in Excel
Use of Formulas, Calculations & Functions
Cell Formatting including Borders & Shading
Working with Different Chart Types
Printing of Workbook & Worksheets with various options.


MS PowerPoint:
Introduction & area of use
How to start Power Point
Creating a New Presentation
Working with Presentation
Using Wizards
Slides & its different views
Inserting, Deleting and Copying of Slides
Working with Speaker Notes
Rehearse Timing
Slide Layout and its Types
Master Slide in Power Point
Adding Graphics
Sounds and Movies to a Slide
Slide Transition 
Custom Animation
Printing Presentations
Handouts with print options.

Outlook Express:
Features and uses
Configuration and using Outlook Express for accessing e-mails in office.

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