Financial Accounting with Tally Notes in Hindi

According to Makhanlal Chaturvedi University, Bhopal
for PGDCA 2nd Sem

Unit 1

1. Basic Concepts of Accounting, Financial Statements, Financial Statement Analysis, Cost Center, Basic concepts of Inventory
2. Tally Configuration & INI setup, Data Directory & Folders configuration, Single & Multiple User, Tally Screen Components, Mouse / Keyboard Conventions & Key, Combinations, Switching between screen areas, Quitting Tally. Maintaining Company Data, Basic Company Details,
Create/Alter/Select/Close a Company, Chart of Accounts, Company Features, and Configuration.


1. Create Groups, Alter Groups & Display Groups,Delete Groups
Create Ledgers, Alter Ledgers & Display Ledgers
b. All accounting voucher types
2. Accounting Voucher transactions, Account Invoice transactions, Excise Invoice, Export Invoice, Transactions using Bill-wise details.
3. Bank Reconciliation, Interest calculations using simple & advance parameters, Interest calculations on outstanding balances & on invoices, Use of voucher class, adjustment of interest, Creation of voucher class, Invoice entry in a class situation.
4. Create, Alter & Delete Budgets for groups, ledgers & cost center, Defining credit limit & credit period, Display Budgets& variances,Create, Alter & Delete a scenario
5. Journal Transactions, payment voucher, Godown summary


1. Reports like balance sheet, Profit & Loss account, Ratio analysis ,Trial Balance.
2. Accounts books like cash / bank book, All Ledger’s Group summary & all vouchers, Sales, purchase & journal Voucher.
3. Cost center & category summary, Cost center breakup ledger & group breakup, outstanding receivables & payable, interest receivable & payable, Statistics, Cash & Fund flow, Day book ,List of Accounts, Reversing journals, optional vouchers, post-dated vouchers.


1. Create Stock Groups, Alter Stock Groups & Display Stock Groups , Create Stock Items,Alter Stock Items ,Display Stock Items.
2. All inventory voucher types and transactions Inventory details in accounting vouchers.
3. Reports like Stock summary, Inventory books like Stock item, Group summary, Stock transfers, Physical stock register, Movement analysis, Stock group & item analysis, stock category analysis, Sales order & Purchase order book, Statement of inventory related to Godowns, categories, stock query, Reorder status, Purchase & Sales order summary, Purchase & Sales bill pending, Exception reports like negative stock & ledger, overdue receivables & payable, memorandum vouchers, optional vouchers, post-dated vouchers, reversing journal


1. Cheque Printing, Common printing options, Different printing formats, Multi-Account printing, Dynamic-Report specific options.
2. Creating Group Company, Use of Tally vault, Using Security control & defining different security levels, Use of Tally Audit.
3. Back-up & Restore, Splitting company data, Export & import of Data, ODBC compliance, use of E-mail, Internet publishing, Upload, web browser & online help, Re-write data.


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