PGDCA MS Access Syllabus Notes

PGDCA MS Access Syllabus Notes


1. Basics of RDBMS


2. Working with Table

Create a Table in MS Access

Data Types

Field Properties

validation rules Data Entry

Add record delete record and edit text

Sort option


What is filter

rearrange columns

freeze columns

Edit a Tables- copy, delete, import

modify table structure


3. Working with Query

Introduction of relationship

How to Create a Relationship

Types of Relationship

how to Create a relationship

set a rule for Referential Integrity

change the join type

delete a relationship

save relationship

Queries & Filterdifference between queries and filter

What is Query

filter using multiple fields AND, OR

advance filter Queries

create Query with one table

 select query

find duplicate record with query

find unmatched record with query

run query

save and change query


4. Working with Forms


5. Working with Reports


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