Programming with Visual Basic.Net notes in hindi


Introduction to .NET, NET Framework features & architecture, CLR, Common Type System, MSIL, Assemblies and class libraries. Introduction to Visual studio, Project basics, types of project in . Net, IDE of VB.NET-Menu bar, Toolbar, Solution Explorer, Toolbox, Properties Window, Form Designer, Output Window, Object Browser. The environment: Editor tab, format tab, general tab, docking tab. visual development & event driven
Programming -Methods and events.


The VB.NET Language- Variables -Declaring variables, Data Type of variables, Forcing variables declarations, Scope & lifetime of a variable, Constants, Arrays, types of array, control array, Collections, Subroutines, FunctionsPassing variable, Number of Argument, Optional Argument, Returning value from function. Control flow statements: conditional statement, loop statement. Msgbox & Inputbox.


Working with Forms: Loading, showing and hiding forms, controlling One form within another.
GUI Programming with Windows Form: Textbox Properties, Methods and Events, Label Properties, Methods and Events, Button, Listbox Properties, Methods and Events, Combobox Properties, Methods and Events, Checkbox Properties, Methods and Events, PictureBox Properties, Methods and Events, Radio Button Properties, Methods and Events, Panel, Scroll bar, Timer, List View, Tree View, Toolbar, Status Bar  OpenFile DialogSaveFileDialog, FontDialog, ColorDialog, Print Dialog. LinkLabel. Designing menus : Context Menu, access & shortcut keys.


Object Oriented Programming: Classes & objects, fields properties Methods & Events, constructor, inheritance. Access Specifiers: Public, Private, Protected. Overloading, My Base & My class keywords. Overview of OLE.


Database programming with ADO.NET – Overview of ADO, from ADO to ADO.NET, Accessing Data using Server Explorer. Creating Connection, Command, Data Adapter and Data Set with OLEDB and SQLDB. Display Data on data bound controls, display data on data grid.

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